Dwayne’s Faith Poem Released by LA Exposé’ Founder

laExposé’ Founder, LaVerne Adekunle PhD registered an inspiring poem about one of laExposé’ most successful performers and Executive Director Dwayne S. Coley. Dr. LaVerne said she was inspired because he is a talented singer, writer, and cook and author whom yet to be discovered in mainstream music industry, yet he is #1 on Number one Music platform. What makes the poem special is it is composed with 10 of his top singles. She states it’s high time Dwayne hit the stages across the globe.

Seasoned performer Author-Singer Dwayne Coley explores a vast range of subjects (Lifestyles, Music, and Books) with valuable insights and lively trends from entertainers, expert’s authors, composers and other news-makers. Dwayne encourages his audience to interact with him on Facebook #ColeyDwayne.

Dwayne Coley is the owner of Chum On BBQ & Catering, singer, former radio host, voice over artist, public speaker, and self-proclaimed author of ‘What A Man Wants’ whose work includes an narration of his book and video called Wedding Day in addition the song is available on Amazon.
Known for his articulate and entertaining interviews, Dwayne maintains a solid approach to each program and states… “It’s all about respect; I treat each of my guests as if they’ve just stepped into my living room”. Dwayne is the Executive Director of laExpose’and Extraordinary People Awards where he adds his creative touch to over 22 countries represented.

What wedding is complete without a few beautiful melodies during the ceremony and at the reception? Every bride and groom can’t wait to hear “I Will Always Love You” right before saying their vows. Okay… maybe you should go with “Endless Love” instead try " This Wedding Day". Whether you’re looking for an opera, R&B, folk, country, or any other type of singer, you’ll be able to find a silky smooth passionate award-winning performer in Dwayne Coley.

To follow Dwayne and meet him visit Extraordinary People Awards where he is the featured performer and the link to the poem Dwayne’ Faith, it will surely inspire you on ExtraPeopleAwards.com.
19.06.2018 12:08:06

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