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Sincere Technical, your trustworthy and reliable partner regarding plastic Mold is located in ChanPing, Dongguan Town of China. Started in 2005, the company has grown to become one of the main plastic molding companies in Cina, boasting over 30 million RMB inside assets. With over 15 years practical experience, not only do we guarantee top quality, but also, an innovative approach to give our clients only the best and artistic plastic solutions.

Why wouldn't you choose to spouse with us? The thing that makes us the most well-liked choice for our customers will be our six -part guarantee. Inside your journey along with us, we guarantee of the pursuing:
State -of-the-art Factory
Our innovative developments guarantee reaches the heart of our operations. To this end, we utilize state-of -the art machinery to ensure the company's injection molds we all produce fulfills world-class requirements.Such as the High-speed FUNAC CNC machine which includes over Twenty-four,000 rotator speed, completely automatic CMM dimension machine.CNC and also CMM machines that doesn't only interact to ensure precision, but also facilitate efficiency being made. Additionally, our own use of sophisticated software inside creating complete 3D mold designs allows us to produce unique, custom-made molds for our clients.

Quality Assurance
Using a quality assure, we make sure that all our creation process will be under constant review to evaluate any potential errors inside the system that could
compromise upon quality, we also test the molds several time to search for any defects and ensure a top quality, durable product. Pursuant to this dedication to quality, we now have attained the ISO 9001: 2008 high quality certification.
Merchandise Variety
Our own focus on company, industry and consumer client base means that all of us make products that suit a person, at whatever scale. If you are a corporate customer, or in market sectors such as building, food and cosmetics, health, automobile, electronic, our providers are custom-made to suit your needs.
Customer support
We dedicate ourselves being actively tuned in to the needs and expectations of our customers. With this customer satisfaction assure we have a transparent communication system.

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