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Store: TopStoney
One of the most famous and popular replica stores - TopStoney is set out to sell replicated Stone Island clothes. TopStoney is a Taobao store specializing in replicating Stone Island clothes. It’s well known in the replica fashion community, and while their items aren’t perfect, they usually provide better fakes than most Taobao stores.

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Store: Nina WeChat

Original post: Nina is known to sell high quality replicas of designer accessories. This is how you find and order from her. Unlike most sellers, Nina’s store can only be browsed on image site Yupoo, and China Haul of course. Nina is trying to avoid being caught for copyright infringement and avoids public e-commerce sites. It’s especially severe in her case since she’s selling almost perfect copies of designer handbags, shoes, belts and more.

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Store: KingShark

The king of fake Bape. KingShark is known for his high-quality A Bathing Ape (Bape) replicas, some of which are close to, or even perfect copies (1:1) of the original retail versions. He also carries other brands, mainly Supreme.

There are two different KingShark Taobao stores, both of them run by the same person. There’s

The main KingShark store and The alternative, KingSun store. The latter has been getting criticism on social media because of the low quality Bape replicas, but it is in fact run by the same person, confirmed in this WeChat screengrab. Hence buying from KingShark doesn’t guarantee a high quality Bape item but is the most safe choice if you want high-quality Bape on Taobao.

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Store: Boostmaster Lin
One of the most popular sites to buy replica sneakers from is Boostmaster Lin. But who is Lin and what’s the difference between Lin, Cnfashionbuy and Superbuy?
To make things clear, Cnfashionbuy is a Superbuy store which includes Boostmaster Lin‘s sneakers. You can order directly from Lin’s website or via Wechat (latest username is jin470876885), although he’s known to be slow to respond.
05.06.2018 13:07:35

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